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Piper is full of life, and her life is all about balance. She has a nice energy level, not to rambunctious, but also not a total coach potato! Piper enjoys her walks but also values her down time. She is a smart dog who would add a lot of love to the right family. Piper is about four-years-old and weighs 76 pounds. Email


If you are looking for a dog who will love you unconditionally, consider adopting Matilda! Matilda loves nothing more than showing affection to those who interact with her. She gives great kisses and loves to stop during walks to offer snuggles. Matilda is about five-years-old and weighs 54 pounds. Email


At just eleven months old, Delilah has years of love to offer and cannot wait to find the adoptive home where her love will grow! Delilah has lots of energy, so the best home for her would be an active one where she can play and get lots of exercise. She loves her treats, which will definitely help in learning all kinds of new skills. Delilah is 11-months-old and weighs 47 pounds. Email


BB gets along with all the people and pets she meets. BB loves her time outside, and connects well with some of the other dogs at the shelter. She is fond of walks and is very gentle with a leash. BB is ready to learn lots of new things, and can even stand up on her back legs if a treat is involved! BB is about five-years-old and weighs 55 pounds. Email


Paris comes loaded with lots of energy, so walks and playtime are very important to her! Paris has the sweetest face and most expressive eyes, showing just how much she would love to wake up every day next to you. She loves her belly rubs, and is always up for an adventure. Paris is about two-years-old and weighs 50 pounds. Email