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Pinta- 8 Months – Spayed Female

Pinta came to MACC on November 23rd, 2021, she is a playful puppy that does wonderful with other dogs. Many of her notes consist of being a ROCKSTAR in play group, matching her energy and play styles to the dogs she is hanging out with. Not only is she wonderful with other dogs but she is a cuddler. Pinta dreams of a home with siblings and a couch she can snuggle up on next to her new forever family. Email

Carter – 1 Year 1 Month- Neutered Male

FLOPPY EAR ALERT! Carter arrived at MACC on November 11th, 2021, and has been at the shelter since. He is incredibly sweet and will try to sit right in your lap. He greets other dogs with play bows, but is very curious with cats. Carter spotted a cat on one of his walks and wanted to play an exciting game of chase, he may do better in a home without cats to keep his curiosity at bay.  He is ready for his forever home who will love his playful energy and floppy ears as much as we do. Email

Roxie- 5 years- Spayed Female

On November 12th, 2021, Roxie was brought into MACC as a stray. She has been a mellow personality and is very sweet about taking treats from your hands. Roxie can be both playful and calm she’s excited to come out of her kennel, but has no problem laying in the grass with her new forever family at the park. She is very tolerant and polite with other dogs and interested in making new friends. Email

James Bond- 2 Years- Neutered Male

Sweet and Sour Cat Alert! James Bond was a stray turned in to MACC over a month ago on October 23rd, 2021. James was very stressed when he arrived like most cats are and needed some time to decompress. He now has his own room in the front of the lobby while waiting on his forever family. James Bond loves affection and will give out many head butts, although he does not particularly love belly rubs and will give you a love bite, which is very soft and does not break skin to communicate his wishes. This has deterred a few adopters, James is looking for a forever home that can understand his way of communicating and respect his boundaries so they can have many, many petting sessions for the future to come. Email

Nestle & Ghirardelli – 1 Year 2 Months- Males- Guinea Pigs!

Occasionally small animals come into MACC and that’s just what happened on October 20th, 2021. Not one but two guinea pigs were found roaming around outside. Both male guinea pigs are in the lobby. Staff handle them every day, as well as feed them a variety of fruits and vegetables they enjoy munching on. With a calm environment, they come out of their dens and can be often heard playing in their cages, especially if they were given cardboard rolls stuffed with treats. These guys are still waiting on their forever homes and would love to be visited with. Email