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Knick- 2 Years Old- Neutered Male

Knickers was brought into MACC as a stray on November 18th, 2021. He has been with us a month and the staff has learned he is the best of both worlds. Knickers enjoys snuggles, and zoomies. His favorite games are fetch and tug of war. He has a “wiggle butt” and enjoys romping around the yard with the other dogs in the shelter. In the play yard, he is known for his zooms but also for being engaging and respectful with his doggie playmates.  The only thing he loves more than playing is his humans. Knickers is ready for his furever family and would be the perfect addition to a family with or without dogs  .

Sandy- 7 Years Old- Spayed Female

Sandy came into MACC as a stray on November 24th, 2021. In the beginning, she was very timid and shy sitting in the back of her kennel, the shelter was too loud and chaotic for her. Every day staff worked with her to build confidence in this stressful environment, and Sandy began to come out of her shell. We have found that once outside, Sandy enjoys zooming around the yard, play-bowing to the humans, playing with jolly balls and walks nicely on a leash. Although Sandy is the biggest fan of humans and asks for love and attention, she is not always the biggest fan of other dogs. She would prefer to be the only dog in the home with her forever humans. Sandy is available and is excited to meet with you!  

Hunter- 3 Years Old- Neutered Male

Hunter arrived at MACC as a stray on November 27th, 2021. Hunter has a shining goofball personality, is a ball of energy, and is always excited to play with the humans. In the play yard with other dogs he is tolerant, sweet, and social, preferring lower energy dogs he can just hang around with. Although he will occasionally catch a case of the zoomies when matched with the right friend. Hunter is still waiting for his family to find him, being the shelter’s current goof ball he is always a laugh.  

Juno- 1 Year 7 Months- Spayed Female

Juno came into MACC on December 10th, 2021. She is very loving and will solicit for all of your attention. Juno is currently in our cat adoption room and looks forward to meeting new people every day.  

Tinsel- 1 Year- Spayed Female

On December 10th, 2021, Tinsel was brought to MACC as a stray. Tinsel enjoys all the back rubs she can get from the humans here and is a social eater. Tinsel will soak up all the attention you can give her. She did come in with another cat who she got along with well, and is a possibility to live in a multi-animal family. Tinsel is currently available is ready to go home with her forever family.  

James Bond- 2 Years- Neutered Male

Sweet and Sour Cat Alert! James Bond was a stray turned in to MACC almost two months ago on October 23rd, 2021, he is currently our longest stay cat. James was very stressed when he arrived like most cats are and needed some time to decompress. He now has his own room in the cat adoption room while waiting on his forever family. James Bond loves affection, sitting in your lap, and will give out many head butts, although he does not particularly love belly rubs and will give you a love bite, which is very soft and does not break skin to communicate his wishes. This has deterred a few adopters, James is looking for a forever home that can understand his way of communicating and respect his boundaries so they can have many, many petting sessions for the future to come.