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  • Winter Pets of the Week


Winter is a 9-year-old calico cat. She’s been at the shelter for a couple of weeks and has been a cuddly love bug the whole time. Winter is a gentle and loving cat who loves back rubs and cuddling with people. Email

GreybeardGrey Male

Greybeard is an 8-year-old male. He has been super sweet, loving, and gentle towards people while at the shelter. He would prefer a home without other animals, but don’t let that stop you from coming to meet him and considering taking him home!  Email


Meet Riley! She came to the shelter at the end of November and was in foster for a little while. She’s been in multiple playgroups with other dogs and was energetic and social. Here’s what a volunteer shared about her: “You won’t have to go to heaven to find an angel!  Meet one-year-old Riley! I’ve never seen so much personality in a tail until now!  She loves human interaction and is like Velcro. But give her a ball, and she will play nonstop fetch with you. She’s a keeper!”  Email


Fiona is such a sweet girl. She’s been at the shelter for about 2 weeks and is ready to find a home. She has been in playgroups with other dogs multiple times, preferring a gentle play style. She was in foster for a couple of days, and her foster reported she likes to nap, cuddle with people, and showed indications of being previously housed trained. Come on down to MACC and meet sweet Fiona!  Email

Nestle & Ghirardelli – 1 Year 2 Months- Males- Guinea Pigs!

Occasionally small animals come into MACC and that’s just what happened on October 20th, 2021. Not one but two guinea pigs were found roaming around outside. Both male guinea pigs are in the lobby. Staff handle them every day, as well as feed them a variety of fruits and vegetables they enjoy munching on. With a calm environment, they come out of their dens and often can be heard playing in their cages, especially if they were given cardboard rolls stuffed with treats. These guys are still waiting on their forever homes and would love to be visited with.  Email