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I’m Odie! When I’m not napping I’m following around my human to see what they’re up to. I love treats and get excited every time I see my food on its way. I know how to sit, and do my business outside, plus I’m perfectly okay sleeping or chilling in my crate. I have webbed toes and get really excited when I see new people but I don’t bark or freak out when I see other dogs because I’m too busy smelling around. I’m perfect for an apartment, or a family. Adopt me today! Email


Turkey, who is in foster care, would love to meet you! His foster mom wrote: “If Turkey was his own breed of dog, he would be a Nashville Blue Cuddle Lab, because of his playful spirit, beautiful color, and willingness to please. He plays very well with other dogs and would do well in a home with another playful pup. He is potty trained and would do GREAT in apartment living, wasting no time doing his business outside. Turkey has been trained to sleep quietly in his kennel at night, but we are sure he would love to snuggle in the bed with you if you prefer that! Cats: Turkey loves his foster kitty, he tries to play with her, but when she lets him know she is done playing he moves on kindly. Our favorite thing about Turkey is his absolutely goofy and playful personality! He also melts into your lap for attention, he is a great dog to come home to. Turkey would do fine in a home with dogs, or without dogs if his human wanted some extra time with just him.” If you would like to adopt Turkey, email


Kevin is also in foster care but would love to meet you too! With his foster mom’s help, Kevin wrote: “Hi, my name is Kevin and everyone I meet says I am a very sweet boy! I love to snuggle, give kisses, and I won’t turn down a good head scratch. I’m a smart boy and I’ll do whatever you ask because I love to make people happy! Naps and lounging at home are a favorite of mine and I even wait calmly for the humans to wake up! I consider myself an adventurous spirit, so if you like hikes and other outdoor activities I’ll be a great buddy for you! I can’t wait to meet my fur-ever family!! He is very social and playful with dogs! He likes to play wrestle and is learning his boundaries and when to stop and take a break. He is curious around the cat in the home, but respectful of the cat’s space and has not shown any signs of a predatory drive. He appears to have some separation anxiety when put in the crate at night. He will willingly eat and take short breaks in his crate. He will nap during the day in his crate, but usually barks for around 10 minutes before settling down. After he settles, he sleeps calmly until he is let out.” If you would like to adopt Kevin, email


At approximately one and a half years old and 54 pounds, this gorgeous, sweet cow-spotted pup is Finley. Finley is a lover and wants nothing more than to come hang out with you. He wants to be with his people and absolutely soaks up affection. He has done great playing with other pups, walks politely on a leash, and knows how to sit. Email