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Suzie Q

Suzie Q is a very happy dog who loves to get outside. She has a great time romping around play yard, enjoying unstructured play time and likes going for walks. Suzie Q is very affectionate with her favorite people and gives the best kisses. She is very smart and is already learning how to sit. Suzie Q is about two-years-old and weighs 53 pounds. Email


Roy has lots of energy, and loves to express it in ways that makes everyone at the shelter smile. He has a great time playing with his shelter mates and enjoys the chance to join play groups with others. When playtime is over, Roy enjoys his downtime by laying and resting in the afternoon once his energy has been burned off. Roy is about eight-months-old and weighs 44 pounds. Email


Coco recently spend the night at a foster volunteer’s home and was a terrific house mate. She was great on her leash, and occasionally stopped to make sure her person was having as much fun as she was. The volunteer said Coco slept all night in her dog bed and got along with other dogs. Coco is about a year old and weighs 48 pounds. Email


Historia is a friendly dog who has a great time playing outside. She might take a bit of time to warm up to you, but she is full of love once that connection is established. Historia might be deaf, but that does not stop her from letting you know that she is paying close attention to you. She is a big fan of leaning into her friends, making sure pets and bully rubs are easily accessible. Historia is two-years-old and weighs 43 pounds. Email


Tortilla is a sweet cat, sharing purrs with the people who give her some nice, gentle pets. She has terrific little mustache and loves to rub her head up against her favorite people. Tortilla is about three-years-old and weighs about eight pounds. Email