NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The goal of Metro Animal Care and Control is to help homeless animals find new, happy homes. But the amount of homeless animals in Davidson County often surpasses the number of kennels available, which is why fostering is so important.

Here’s how it works: Sign up to be a foster through Metro Animal Care and Control’s website, and go pick out a dog! Fosters can keep a dog for an afternoon, a week, a month or until the animal is adopted.

The shelter provides everything you may need, from leashes and food to any medication. All the foster has to do is provide a safe, loving place for the dog to relax until their forever home comes along.

“It is the most rewarding thing, and I know people get so attached and they want to keep them forever and they have a hard time,” says Bailey Buxton, the foster rescue coordinator at Metro Animal Care and Control. “I understand that it is really hard, but what you’re doing is so beautiful. You’re taking an animal out of a stressful environment, you’re helping them become a better dog and get them more adoptable and get them the training they need and the love that they need while they’re in their home. And then you get to say goodbye to them on their way to their forever home and their life is setup.”

To sign up to be a foster, click here. All day Wednesday News 2 will help raise money for these two programs to save more lives. To donate, click here.