Pet parents find comfort with pet cams


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Pet cam manufactures likely had someone just like Kaylan Blackburn in mind when developing their cameras.

She has two kids, a husband, a Shih Tzu named Tucker and a Holland Lop Ear Bunny named Marble — her situation these days is not necessarily unique.

Like many pet parents, Kaylan struggles with a constant feeling of separation. 

“We both work, and I knew that I did not want to have him [Tucker] in a kennel or any type of locked up situation, so I knew there had to be some kind of solution where I could train him some way without me being here, and for me to have peace of mind,” Blackburn told News 2’s Neil Orne. “And I think the best way for me to do that was to get a pet camera.” 

She wants the chance to make sure her two pets are okay. It turns out, the camera does that and more. 

“So for me, it gives me that little piece of mind when I click in — and too, I have the kids. So if I’m not home and my husband is here with them,” Kaylan explained. “I get it –he’s busy with the kids — that’s a way I can check in that everything’s okay. Just being able to click on my phone on an app and see what’s going on inside my house, that’s been huge for me. That’s why I recommend it. That’s why I think it works.”

The pet cam industry is booming, and now there are even cameras that can launch treats on command.

Kaylan’s cam doesn’t launch treats but does have full, 360-degrees of motion and a speaker. She can say ‘hi,’  or send a command to her curious bunny. She showed News 2’s Neil Orne how that works when, somehow, Marble gets ahold of a Q-tip. 

“Marble, stop messing with stuff!” She said through the camera.

It worked. As we watched, Marble responds, dropping the Q-tip on the spot. 

These remote eyes and ears are popping up in homes above water bowls, rest areas, and —  in Kaylan’s case — in the center of the living room. 

And the great thing with the camera is that Kaylan can check in on her pets from virtually anywhere to make sure everything is okay.

It makes sense, as time dwindles and our lives center around our screens, taking our little home entertainment on the road is worth every penny, according to Kaylan. 

News 2 went searching for pet cameras in local stores and found some in retailers like Best Buy and other electronics stores. Not so much luck at pet stores.

Retail prices range from $40 for a basic static camera up to $200 for the model that launches treats. 

Most people we spoke with researched the cameras online and purchased online. All were satisfied with their purchase and the added connection with the furry family members.

Thursday is National Pet Day and we have a Petpalooza of special reports. We’ll explore new dog parks, cat cafes, pet therapy, and help you cut your vet bill. Thursday in every newscast.

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