Pet Doc with Nikki Burdine: Does your dog have a skin condition?

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Well for this Pet Doc we are joined as always by Dr. Staci Cannon with Metro Animal Care and Control.

We are talking today about skin issues with your pets and you brought a little helper. This is adorable, beautiful Rainey who is up for adoption by the way. She has a skin condition, but it’s getting better.

What do you want to talk about?  

Dr. Cannon:  Sure!  So, skin conditions are really common in dogs.  We see that a lot certainly with animals who come to the shelter, but also in private practice.  Some of the most common things we see causing itchiness or hair loss in our pets are parasites. Definitely fleas, fleas cause our dogs to be very itchy especially around the base of our tail.  You might see that they lose hair, or they are chewing right around the base of their tail on the back.  

Nikki:  There are treats in there and that’s what she’s excited about.  It sounds pretty miserable for her.  

Dr.Cannon:  Exactly, it can be, they can be super itchy and not just want to walk or play because all they can think about is how itchy they are, so having them on monthly flea prevention helps with that.  But other things though that can happen that’s what’s going with Rainey is they can have some internal issues.  They can actually lose their hair due to metabolic disease.  So, Rainey came to us completely bald, she lost all of her, she was actually pretty overweight as well. We did some bloodwork and found she was hypothyroid.  Her thyroid was underactive.  

Nikki:  She’s trying to tell us about her skin condition.  

Dr.Cannon:  She is, just a good reminder if your pet is losing their hair, you need to see your veterinarian so they can rule out any underlying medical reason for that.  So now, Rainey is on a thyroid supplement.  She takes a pill twice a day, she is growing her hair back, she has so much more energy and she has lost some weight.  She is well on her way to recovering.  

Nikki:  She is up for adoption now, by the time you get here to adopt her all of her skin condition is going to be healed because it is treatable. So if your dog at home is having some issues like that, probably the best thing to do is take them to the vet.  

Dr.Cannon:  That’s right absolutely, definitely see your vet let them know what your dog is eating, what medications, they will do a full exam and figure out why they are losing their hair.  

Nikki:  Now show everyone your face. ‘Cause you are the cutest and the sweetest but there are treats over there and she knew it because she is just so smart…back to you….there she goes, oh, oh there she is.

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