Nashville full of ways to pamper your pets


Grooming your pet is just as important as regular vet care. Whether you bathe and brush them at home, send them to a spa day or have the spa come to you, Nashville is full of pampering options for your pet. 

At Nashville Pet Salon, they take pet grooming to another level, it’s like a fancy spa day for your animal. Paige Yancey is a pet stylist and groomer at the salon, and she says her first step is to always make sure the pet is relaxed. Yancey says if you’re grooming them at home, making sure they’re comfortable there and not stressed out will make your job much easier. 

“Put them in a calm quiet room, that kind of thing,” she says. “Maybe spend a few minutes not brushing them in the room, pet them and give kisses.” Then, start brushing. 

Yancey says for dog’s like Nikki’s pup, Reggie White, who have a smooth coat, a rubber brush helps. “What we have here is a rubber brush. It’s just rubber nodules that kind of help grip the dead hair from the healthy coat. It feels like a good massage to them.” 

This type of frequent brushing also helps cut down on shedding. And even though Reggie White’s coat doesn’t require a lot of pampering, regular care is vital. Yancey recommends a bath at least every 6 weeks. But for dogs like Kilo, who is a poodle and has a curly coat, the process is a bit different. “A very large misconception that people have for dogs like this, is any type of coat that continues to grow is that you bathe them first like you would with your own hair, it’s not that way. You have to de-mat them first, then bathe them then re-brush them,” Yancey says. 

She also says you should never use your own shampoo on your dog, a shampoo and conditioner made especially for dogs is ideal. After their bath, don’t forget about cleaning out their ears and trimming toe nails. “You don’t want nails to get too long because the nail bed, when they walk, pushes up on these joints and after doing that, it’s kind of like wearing a shoe that’s two sizes too small. So it pushes up on that joint and it causes arthritis.” Yancey recommends letting a professional handle nail trimmings once a month, because it can get tricky. 

If taking your pet to a salon isn’t an option, there’s always mobile groomers, like Cloud 9 Mobile Groomers. Jennifer Allen, with Cloud 9, says business is booming. Nikki volunteered her cat, Louis, to get groomed. 

After making an appointment with Cloud 9, they pull their grooming van right up to your front door. “The clients love it because there’s no drive time, we come right to their house and their animal isn’t as stressed out with the noise level.” 

It’s especially appealing to those with senior pets like Louis. “I get a lot of senior dogs and cats that have special needs and we are more equipped for that. We have no kennels or cages here so there is no time they are sitting in a cage for hours on end,” says Allen. 

Everything from bathing, to nails to shaving is done right in the truck. And Allen has quite a way with animals. “There is no secret, either you have it or you don’t. I’ve always just been more in tune with animals than with people,” she says. Even though Louis doesn’t seem pleased with the process, he’ll be happy with his new summer hair do. 

Business is good for both mobile groomers and spas. Cloud 9 Grooming has a wait list and book most appointments months in advance. Nashville Pet Salon also has a wait list and a current client list of more than 500 animals.  

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