Hip dog parks go from basic to trendy with services for people, their pets


There are more than a dozen dog parks in Nashville now. And just outside the city, you can find more than double that number. 

They range from a plot of fenced-in grass to large spaces artificial turf and ponds. Some even have obstacle courses, which comes in handy for pups like Beretta. 

Dog owners who live in the city make good use of local dog parks. 

“There’s not much space for the dogs to hang out in the apartment,” Nelson Pinkstaff said. “This kind of breed you need a lot of exercise.”

Nelson’s pup, Beretta, is getting used to the city dog life. So it’s important for her dad to make sure she gets exercise while he goes to work. 

“I take her out here in the morning and throw the ball with her, or she can play with other dogs,” Nelson told News 2’s Nikki Burdine. “That way, when she’s cooped up in the apartment, she won’t go crazy.”

Beretta is only six-months-old. so making friends with other dogs like Bushy, and Nikki’s pup, Reggie White, is important for socialization. 

“It’s crucial, especially when they’re young, to get them socialized,” Nelson said.

Bushy, who was rescued from Kabul, is enjoying her new life in Nashville, making friends with more than 20 dogs on any given day. 

The rules for dog parks are pretty straight forward. Dogs must be vaccinated and licensed, and humans should always keep an eye on their dogs. Some parks have separate areas for small and large dogs. 

From basic to “bougie” — there are a couple of new dog parks that take the experience to the next level. For instance, Fetch, an off-leash dog park and bar.

Yes, that’s a dog park with a bar for humans. 

“It’s a place where you can truly unwind,” Fetch CEO Steven Ochs told News 2. “You can grab a drink and unwind while your dog plays. The humans come in, they get to relax and hang out with friends and socialize. We have a full-service bar, a coffee bar in the morning so you can come before work, or we have WiFi throughout so you can just work from there. Or we have outdoor TV’s so you can watch TV or the big game.”  

Fetch isn’t open yet, but their Germantown location is expected to be up and running this Fall. Their Atlanta location is already popular. Membership costs $20 a month, or $10 for a day pass. 

“The park itself is membership based so we can make sure we keep track of every dog’s records and make sure they are friendly and social and to cover our staff,” Ochs said. “We will have bark rangers in the park making sure that the dogs play nicely.”

There’s a similar concept in Nashville called Bark Park, where you can purchase a day pass or a membership and get a coffee bar, free wifi and it’s BYOB.

Thursday is National Pet Day and we have a Petpalooza of special reports. We’ll explore new dog parks, cat cafes, pet therapy, and help you cut your vet bill. Thursday in every newscast.

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