Meet Tramp, a fun-loving, animated character of a pup! He’s known as a the perfect mixture of sweetness, love, energy, and friendliness. He’s also outgoing and energetic, so a fenced yard and daily walks or adventures would be ideal for this guy. Tramp might love to have adventures, but he is also a big fan of snuggles and laying back and relaxing. He’s a smart pup and gets along great with older children (and never turns down good belly rubs).

Tramp is a 2-year-old, 57-pound mixed breed dog. We aren’t sure what mixes of breeds he is, but safe to say he’s a “large Terrier mix”.

Tramp was recently transported to NHA from a local community shelter partners which was overcrowded with pets. Being a large, mixed breed and an very energetic, Tramp was getting overlooked even as wonderful as he is. And then he was adopted.

Tramp was adopted, but returned to Nashville Humane Association. Terriers do, yes, have the personality that feels like they had five cups of coffee, so keeping this pup mentally stimulated and not bored is a big plus for this guy. He also loves playing with other dogs and would love a four-legged brother or sister.

To learn more about him, check out NHA today!