Meet Telli! She is 2 years old, weighs 25 pounds, and currently lives in a Pet Of The Week Room at NHA after recently returning from a foster home!

Telli is a small gal who likes to live life to the fullest! She can be a little shy when meeting new people, but she loves toys and zooming around with other dogs. She is not much of an inside player with other dogs, but once she goes outside in an off-leash environment – watch out – cause the “tag, you’re it” game begins! 

She will just zoom and zoom AND ZOOM around the yard and have so much fun! She is still learning how to walk politely on a leash, which will come in time, patience, and practice because right now she is all about getting excited about discovering new and I am taking in the world around her.

She is not the biggest cuddler or snuggler but she does enjoy being near her humans and staring at her people with those big soulful eyes of hers. She is totally content to sit in her doggie bed and watch you go about your day. So, we can safely say that her favorite hobby is people-watching, ha-ha get it?

Some other fun facts about Telli, she is housebroken, crate-trained, dog and cat friendly! She would love to find a forever home with a dog friend and patient people who appreciate all her enthusiasm to learn about new things. 

Does Telli look and sound like the most pawfect dog for you? Hope so! Please visit her today at NHA!