Sarobi is a sweet, curious, fun-loving, 1-year-old social butterfly of a cat! She wants to be with you as much as possible and loves to play. She is also a very vocal cat. Which is always fun. Especially if you’re looking for a cat to have daily conversations with.

Also, she will always make sure to be close by her people (she isn’t a snuggler, but she enjoys being picked up and carried around) Sarobi was in a foster home for a couple of weeks and adjusted well to life with older children plus two dogs!

So, if you’re a multi-pet family looking to add an Orange Tabby to the mix, this could be the cat you’ve been waiting for. All of us at NHA can’t wait for Sarobi to find that special forever home where she will totally become someone’s purrfect (and playful) cat!