It’s time for another Furbaby Friday. This week, meet REV!

REV loves to nap. He loves the company of humans, loves to purr, and loves to meow with excitement when people say hello to him. REV would also love a forever home. 

REV is a (very) handsome 2-year-old Orange Tabby with a bobtail. He’s as friendly and as social as can be yet he’s not getting any adoption applications submitted for him. He is a long-term resident at NHA and is FIV positive but he’s healthy, happy, and ready for YOU!

Five reasons why you should adopt an FIV Positive Cat:

1. FIV Positive Cats can live long and healthy lives.
2. FIV Cats can live with non-FIV-positive cats.
3. FIV Positive Cats are simply CATS!
4. Shelters like NHA need space to be able to help more FIV-positive cats.

5. You will be not only saving a life, but help make space to save even more lives!

Want to give REV his forever home? Visit him at NHA today!

Nashville Humane Association

213 Oceola Avenue

Nashville, TN. 37209

(615) 352-1010