Furbaby Friday: Meet Remi!


Remi is an absolute sweetheart. Got a dog or cat at home looking for a BFF? 

This could be the most perfect match for your home! She can be shy around new people and new situations *but * once she feels comfortable in the environment – she is very playful, very sweet AND very loving!  (Also, she is a bit of a clown and a bit vocal when she plays / Side Note: Stuffed Animals are her favorite!)

Being a Border Collie / Lab mix: She is VERY smart, too. You can see it in her eyes when you’re with her: She is listening to every word you say and taking in all that’s happening around her. She so wants to learn everything from you because this girl wants to be the perfect dog – Her goal in life is to make a family happy.

She has excellent potty manners and knows that outside is where the business gets done! She really enjoys her outside time, too. Especially right now. Springtime. So many new smells! 

Want to meet this awesome 2 1/2 year old? Please schedule an appointment here.

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