Furbaby Friday: Meet Percy!


Please meet Percy. He’s a 4-year-old large mixed breed dog who weighs 59 pounds. What breeds is he mixed with? Good question!

Depending on what angle you look at him: Retriever can be seen, Collie can be seen, maybe Shepherd or Pit Bull too? Who can say? All we really know is that he’s totally mixed with sweetness and love!

Percy is an outgoing and energetic guy, so a fenced yard and daily walks would be fun for him because he seems to always ready for outside adventures! Just as much as he’s outgoing and energetic, he is equally sweet, snuggly, and laid back. Percy truly is a dog that will pretty much do well in any type of home he moves to.

All he asks is for a home with lots of belly rubs. And maybe a kiddie pool? LOL YUP – This guy loves water! And we all know that the friendliest dog in the world is a wet dog! Wet or dry. Doesn’t matter.

 Percy is the definition of friendly. So why is he in a shelter? Percy was recently transported to NHA from one of our community partners which was overcrowded and beyond capacity with pets. Being a large, mixed breed, black dog, Percy was getting overlooked.

Even though he is a wonderful dog, he was not getting an opportunity to show off how wonderful he is! But now he’s at NHA.

Want to meet Percy? Click here.

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