This week for Furbaby Friday, meet the BEAUTIFUL Penny! This wonderful girl has recently returned to NHA after spending some quality time in an NHA Foster Home. Please read the heartfelt note we received from her Fosters upon her arrival back to our Adoption Floor.

“Penny is a super sweet and energetic girl! She loves her people’s attention and will play with toys as long as you are playing with her!

She’s not much of a chewer but does love to chew on a yak cheese bone. She is dog friendly but dog play dates should be supervised as Penny can be a little on the dominant side. She likes to chase the ball but doesn’t quite understand the game of fetch yet. She is VERY food motivated.

She knows how to sit but most other commands she isn’t super familiar with yet. She’s strong and needs help learning how to walk without pulling. She’s still young so she’s still learning manners like not jumping up on you when she’s excited! She loves staring out the window.

She’s not a huge barker but she will whine a bit when she’s left alone in a crate or a room. She does well in the crate when she has an enrichment toy. She is housebroken and I imagine she would do well in the home unsupervised for a short period of time until you learn her personality and gain trust from each other!”