Meet Nashville Humane Association’s current longest resident, Luna Lovegood! She has lived at NHA since February 2022!

She’s a 2-year-old, almost 3, Bull Terrier mix. She weighs 48 pounds -plus- she is spayed, up to date on shots, and is microchipped.

For the most part, when people want to adopt an adult dog, they ask for “housebroken and non-destructive” Guess what? Luna Lovegood is both! She also walks well on the leash, is dog-friendly, people of all ages and sizes friendly, plus she is happy 24/7.

The only thing destructive about her is her tail. And it’s destructive to herself! See, here’s the thing: her tail is rather long. When she gets excited to see her human friends it wags fast. Then the whole-body wiggle begins. Then she whacks herself in the face with her tail!

Luna Lovegood is an active girl who is always ready for an outside adventure and doggie play dates. She has good inside potty manners, and she will fill your heart with so much love and laughter. She loves being outside and being active just as much as she loves being inside the home, right by your side, getting belly rubs and forehead kisses. 

She would also prefer a home without cats.

Once you meet Luna Lovegood, her ears, and her overbite, you will see that no other dog will ever make you smile bigger. And smiling is what life is all about right?

NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10 am. Please visit and adopt LUNA LOVEGOOD. 

Nashville Humane Association

213 Oceola Avenue

Nashville, TN. 37209

(615) 352-1010