Meet Gracie! She is 1 and 1/2 years old and weighs 47 pounds. She is also the sweetest dog you will ever meet!

She loves to be anywhere you are, especially if there are delicious snacks involved or a comfy spot to snuggle in with you. Trust us, SHE WILL make herself right at home right in your lap.

This girl was a great mama to her six puppies, but now she has been spayed and all her pups have been adopted, she is looking for retirement from motherhood, and becoming the queen of being spoiled in a forever home. 

Gracie is so eager to please, incredibly food-motivated, and smart. In the few short weeks she was in an NHA Foster Home, she had excellent potty manners. She is a fast learner. You can just see in her eyes how much she wants to please everyone she meets.

She is sweet to all the humans (of all ages) she meets plus she gets along with other dogs! So now that you know that Gracie is ready to be spoiled rotten and adored like a queen… Does she look and sound like the most pawfect dog for you? Hope so!

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