It’s time for another Furbaby Friday! This week, meet Costello!

Costello is 2 years old, weighs 50 pounds, and both NHA Staff and Volunteers, aka the people who know him best, describe him as handsome, silly, comical, loving, affectionate, loyal, snuggle-worthy, and eager to cuddle. He truly is an excellent, well-behaved, dog who loves all the hoomans of all ages that he meets.

But when it comes to other pets? That’s where Costello needs to go solo and be the only pet in his future forever home.

Costello says “Just think of all the fun we’ll have goofing around, having fun being goofy, playing tug-o-war, de-fluffing stuffed toys to find what makes it squeak, sharing the couch, belly scratches, snuggles, etc. Plus, you will NEVER-EVER run out of hugs & kisses when you have ME as your best friend!” 

Costello’s ideal bestie would be someone who can see past the “only pet” sign on his kennel and just see what an amazing dog he really is! Costello is a smart guy who just wants to please his people with laughter.

NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10 a.m. Now may be the most perfect time to adopt Costello as well. Thanks to Bissell Pets Foundation’s #EmptyTheShelters National Adoption Event, all NHA Adult Cats and Dogs, like Costello, who are 6 months or older have a reduced adoption fee of $25 now through Saturday, May 14th.

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