NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Would you like to adopt a lively and energetic puppy who has overcome adversity and is always up for a good time? Gus could be just the guy for you!

The Nashville Humane Association (NHA) originally posted about Gus on social media in March, when he and his sister, Gale, came in with apparent chemical burns on their paws.

“Their paw pads and tissue had been eaten away by prolonged exposure to this chemical, leaving their bones exposed and causing them immense pain. Our team of veterinarians immediately got to work, assessing the extent of their injuries and created a treatment plan to give these puppies the best chance of recovery,” the NHA said. “With this plan, Gus has made a wonderful recovery and is now taking applications for adoption!”

According to the shelter, 6-month-old Gus is a neutered male dog who weighs about 30 pounds. Even though he’s spent more time on kennel rest than getting to be a puppy, he loves to play — especially in water — and he is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face with his wagging tail and perky ears.

Gus would do best in a home with another dog that can teach him good manners, as well as help him burn off that puppy energy, the NHA said.

The NHA offered the following description of Gus:

He is incredibly smart and already knows “sit, “down, “paw, “touch, and “spin. He is a quick learner and can’t wait to learn some more tricks. Gus is looking for a friend that is patient as he continues to learn some puppy manners because it’s hard to learn those when you’re healing. He’s occasionally mouthy, but usually it’s because he’s telling you he doesn’t like something, is overstimulated, or wants to play. He’s improved so much at being redirected or if you ask him to do a trick for a treat he quickly switches gears. He definitely wants to play with other pups, but might not be the best at listening to them. He just hasn’t had a chance to play with many friends. He’s also looking for a friend that likes to give him belly rubs and some kisses in the morning. His ideal friend is patient, ready for adventure, gives him mental stimulation, and loves to give belly rubs. A yard to run around in is a plus.

The shelter said Gus is currently living in a foster home, but if you are interested in adopting him, follow this link.