NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Would you like to give a fun-loving feline with beautiful fur a forever family? If so, it’s time for you to meet Baby Phatt!

The Nashville Humane Association (NHA) said 2-year-old Baby Phatt is a “pretty tortoiseshell princess” who weighs just over nine pounds and has already been spayed.

Fun fact: Tortoiseshell is actually a color, not a breed, referring to these cats’ bi-colored coats, which look like the shell of a tortoise.

“Affectionately referred to as ‘torties,’ these colorful kitties are almost all females,” the shelter told News 2. “Tortoiseshell cats aren’t a specific breed, but some believe they have a specific temperament called ‘tortitude’ aka high-energy, sweet and sassy!”

For Baby Phatt, in particular, the NHA shared the following description:

This pretty tortoiseshell princess is a curious kitty that likes to play. Dangle a pipe cleaner or feather toy and she will show her playful side. She’s got THE MOST cutest meow EVER -plus- she is totally a NHA Volunteer Favorite. This little girl is full of love and ready for her purrfect home. Come on over to NHA to meet the cat that everyone is crushing over today at NHA!

If you want to learn more about Baby Phatt, follow this link.