Tourists surprised to hear NFL Draft in Nashville.

NFL Draft

If you live in Nashville you probably have heard about the NFL Draft, but not everyone knows it’s being held in Music City. 

On Broadway, many tourists could be heard asking questions about the large stage at the end of the road. ​

“Driving in from the airport I saw the signage on the roads talking about the NFL Draft, and we are football fans so I am saying wow that would be cool to see,” said tourist Nancy Nash.”Then when we got here and you said it is going to bring hundreds of thousands of people. I was like “when is it?” and you said next week, and I said, thank god. I don’t want to be in crowds, I just want to be in the city and see what it normally gives.”​

“Is there a concert?” “Who’s playing tonight?” These were just a few of the many questions being asked. ​

“It was actually really cool because we walked down and saw all the boxes and I forgot that the draft was down here,” said tourist Jason Scheiffer. ​

The NFL Draft will be held April 25th through the 27th.​

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