The National Football League planted 40 new trees at two North Nashville public schools on Tuesday,  

The trees were planted at John Early Museum Magnet and Hull Jackson Montessori on Tuesday morning.

The NFL is partnering with Root Nashville for the event. Representatives from the league said the tree planting is only one part of their “NFL Green sustainability projects” planned for the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville. 

Officials from Mayor David Briley’s office said the project was in the works long before city-wide outrage over the removal of 21 blooming, fully-mature cherry blossom trees in Riverfront Park to make way for one of the many temporary stages set up for the NFL Draft that will be held in Nashville on April 25-27. 

The initiative also includes “solid waste recycling and composting, donation of prepared and nonperishable food in partnership with local food agencies, donation of event materials for reuse/repurposing (wood, vinyl, décor, supplies, carpeting signage, etc.) and use of renewable energy certificates to offset energy emissions from NFL Draft venues.”

Funding and volunteers for the tree planting were provided by the league and sponsors Verizon, Bridgestone and Lowe’s Home Improvement. City leaders and corporate representatives also attended the tree planting.

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