NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The races on this year’s ballot were nearly eclipsed by a mix-up in Davidson County.

Over 400 people were allowed to vote twice after a ballot issue meant they voted in the wrong district.

“This is compromising,” said Patricia Merritt. “It has taken time out of my day. It has caused me to come from my normal poll, come from my side of town to do this. But the bigger picture is it’s about democracy.”

Merritt was one of the hundreds of people who traveled to the Davidson County Election Commissions office Tuesday to vote again.

“I’m somewhat disappointed, but I would do it if I had to do it three times. It’s not the most favorable thing to do but my ancestors died for an opportunity for me to cast a vote. I don’t have to like it, but as long as I’m notified and I get it done, I’m going to always come.”

Over a week ago it was initially reported that over 200 ballots were cast incorrectly in District 7.

Instead of being given ballots for District 7, they were given ballots for District 6.

“It makes me wonder if we have competent people taking care of things,” said Michael Stanton.

Stanton and his wife were not happy about what happened but still came out to vote again Tuesday.

“We just do what we got to do,” he said. “There’s nothing I can do to change it.”

The number of wrong ballots cast soon grew to over 430 after Election administrator Jeff Roberts said the initial amount did not take into account the final three days of early voting.

A list was put out with the names of those affected.

Meredith Macleod’s name was on that list, but she says she had no idea until a friend told her recently.

“I actually got alerted by a friend on Instagram who said hey your name is on this list you need to go early vote,” she said. “That was interesting to be notified that way that your vote needed to be recast.”

Those who came to vote at the Elections Commissions Office on Tuesday were given a new provisional ballot with their correct district, but it will only be counted in the event an election contest is filed.

Despite what happened, those who did show up to vote again hope others on the list still came out and did the same.

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“I hope people are doing what they need to do and if it’s coming to vote twice then I hope that they’re doing that,” said Macleod.