NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — While the Belmont debate is over, there were some other things President Donald Trump said during his time in Nashville.

During a chat as he greeted the President Thursday afternoon at the Nashville airport, Tennessee Republican Party Chair Scott Golden said Trump told him that he “felt really good about where we were in the campaign.”

“The president was asking how we are doing in Tennessee,” said the GOP party chair. “And curious about all the elections going on here in Tennessee and how the turnout was comparing 2020 to 2016.”

Golden later helped organize a crowd of around 500 people to see President Trump off on his way back to Washington.

“So everyone was excited to see him. Lots of positive responses” added the state Republican party chair.

Golden was at the Belmont debate, in addition to his state Democratic counterpart Mary Mancini. The state Democratic party chair saw things completely different from Golden, beginning with COVID-19. Mancini poked at both President Trump and his party.

“They are not willing to take this pandemic seriously,” said the Tennessee Democratic Party Chair. “The most glaring thing about last night and Trump’s response to this whole thing–the economy first and people second. We have to open up the economy and he kept saying it over and over again.”

Both party chairs complimented Belmont University for putting on a safe, secure debate in the middle of a pandemic.

The president also attended a high-dollar fundraiser in downtown Nashville Thursday prior to the debate.