SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Voters in Hendersonville resoundingly want term limits for their elected officials, while Portland voters do not want higher taxes, which they made known on Election Day. 

The Hendersonville electorate overwhelmingly approved a charter amendment that would implement a new term limit on aldermen and the mayor elected on or after Nov. 8. The charter amendment approval comes with the election of six aldermen, one from each of Hendersonville’s six wards. 

According to unofficial results, 87.83% of the ballots cast on Election Day—14,335, to be exact—were for the new term limit, while fewer than 2,000 people opposed it (12.17%). 

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Sumner County voters in Portland also had a city-specific consideration on their ballots in the form of a sales and use tax referendum, which failed. 

According to unofficial results, the Portland electorate were significantly opposed to the tax measure, opposing it 60.35% to 39.65%.