NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Monday, campaigns and advocacy groups make their last efforts to increase turnout in hopes of securing a win.

However, in a state with a solid Republican majority in the General Assembly and in Washington, where no elections are considered hotly contested, and with no presidential race at the top of the ticket, turnout is top of mind.

“You get into this kind of a safe space where you think, ‘Everyone thinks like me, I’m not going to make it out to vote [and] if I don’t go vote, someone who thinks like me at work or school or whatever, they’re going to go vote,'” said the Chair of the Tennessee GOP Scott Golden.

Early voting turnout in Tennessee was lower than in the 2018 elections and higher than in 2014, according to the Secretary of State’s office, but political analysts note that in 2018 there were competitive senate and governor’s races.

“There’s not a lot of hotly contested races,” said Digital and Media Political Consultant John Rowley about this year’s midterm elections in the Volunteer State.

He added that Tennessee isn’t known for having high voter participation.

“We have one of the lower turnout states of any state in the country,” he said.

The political consultant added while there are some issues voters feel strongly about, in this polarized environment people tend to stick to their political party.

“In this sports team/jersey politics, it’s which side is more enthused,” Crowley said.

He said the Dobbs decision ended up bringing the Democrat’s enthusiasm levels to meet the GOP’s, but that is probably not enough to overperform expectations.

“It’s whether it’s going to be a bad night or average night…it is probably not going to be a great night for Democrats,” he said.

Nashville residents with a plan to vote Tuesday who spoke to Democratic volunteers all mentioned that financial issues were top of mind, but also noted that crime, infrastructure, abortion access, and housing were issues they took into account before deciding how they’ll vote.

“What people are concerned about is obviously the economy, particularly inflation,” Golden said. For details on Election Day in Middle Tennessee click here.