NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In addition to state and federal issues, some Tennessee voters will also decide on issues directly affecting their communities, such as in mayoral, commission and aldermanic races. Some communities in Middle Tennessee will also be tackling referendums on the ballot for their counties and cities. 

Here are the local ballot initiatives that will be on the ballot in November: 

Alcohol sales 

Alcohol laws vary across Tennessee. Some counties and cities allow for both the on- and off-premises consumption of beer, wine and liquor.  

On-premises sales refer to alcohol sales for consumption on the premises where the alcohol is consumed. Cities or counties that have authorized the sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption can then implement liquor-by-the-drink sales, such as at bars and restaurants.  

Off-premises sales typically refer to “packaged” alcohol meant for consumption at home. Liquor stores in Tennessee are also known as “retail package stores.” 

Multiple counties and cities will vote on proposed changes to their alcohol laws via referendum this election. 

Cheatham County voters will decide if they support or oppose the legal sale of alcohol on the premises in the county for bars and restaurants. 

Decatur County will also have liquor on the ballot this year. Voters will decide whether to permit retail package stores to sell alcohol in the county.  

The issue is also on the Decaturville ballot in addition to the county’s ballot. Decaturville’s referendum would allow for alcohol sales at retail package stores within the city limits. 

Voters in Giles County will also be able to decide if they want to allow for the on-premises sale of liquor. 

Over in Lawrence County, St. Joseph citizens will also decide if they want to allow for liquor to be sold for on-premises consumption. 

Voters in Lafayette will decide on two different alcohol-related issues. Currently, only beer and wine sales are permitted between 6 a.m. and midnight Monday through Saturday. Packaged liquor sales and on-premises consumption are prohibited unless Lafayette voters opt to allow it. 

Lafayette voters will choose either to permit or not permit “retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages in the City of Lafayette” and either for or against the “legal sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises” in the city. 

Montgomery County voters will decide whether to allow liquor-by-the-drink sales for on-premises consumption, as will Byrdstown citizens in Pickett County. 

Algood voters in Putnam County will have a provision allowing for the sale of wine at retail food stores within the city limits on their ballot. 

Stewart County voters will also have a choice of either approving or denying the sale of alcoholic beverages at retail package stores in the county. 

Over in Williamson County, Thompson’s Station voters will decide if they will permit retail package stores to sell alcohol in the town or not. 


In Pleasant View, municipal voters will cast their votes on a sales and use tax rate increase. 

“Shall the ordinance passed by the City of Pleasant View, published in a newspaper of general circulation, increasing the local sales tax rate from 2.25 to 2.75 become operative?” 

Cheatham County Sample Ballot

Portland voters will also see a tax issue on the ballot. They will decide whether to ratify an ordinance passed by the city, Ordinance No. 22-41. 

“Shall Ordinance No. 22-41 be approved to establish a uniform local option sales tax rate of 2.75% within all parts of the City, except where the sales tax rate is limited or modified by statute, with the additional proceeds from the increase in the sale tax to be used for public safety and street paving.” 

Sumner County Sample Ballot

Portland voters will vote either FOR or AGAINST the measure, per the Sumner County sample ballot. 

Other local provisions 

Hendersonville residents will be voting on a proposed charter amendment that would add term limits for aldermen regardless of the ward they serve. 

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“The number of terms served by the mayor or by an alderman shall not exceed three (3) consecutive four-year terms, regardless of the ward designation for an alderman. Current aldermen and the current mayor shall be limited to two (2) additional, consecutive terms.” 

Sumner County Sample Ballot

Hendersonville voters will choose either FOR or AGAINST, per the Sumner County sample ballot.