Young man out of work pays for customers in line at Dollar General


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A simple act of kindness led to a pay-it-forward moment at Dollar General on Highway 51 near Atoka Wednesday night.

It all started when Caleb Duncan stopped by the store to buy some t-shirts and deodorant and noticed a woman in front of him at the checkout counter was struggling to return some items.

“She was looking for receipts and stuff, and you honestly never know what someone is going through that might be their last dollar,” said Duncan.

Pictures courtesy of Lou Wright

Ducan said since there was nothing he could really do to help that woman, he decided to do something nice for the people in the line that was forming behind him and told the cashier he was paying for everything.

“I was looking behind me and was like everybody had a few things here and there, and it looked like I had enough money,” Ducan said.

Wright was one of the five or so people standing in that line and said Duncan’s actions touched her.

“I flagged him down as I was leaving and told him what a wonderful gesture that was,” said Wright.

Dalton Watkins was in the very back of the line. He stopped by the Dollar General to grab a candy bar, but when he heard Ducan had already paid for it, he told the cashier he wanted to pay for the customer behind him.

“I think it’s an amazing thing,” Watkins said. “If more people in this world would be willing to help people like that, we would be in a much better position because there is not enough nice in the world.”

Caleb Duncan and Dalton Watkins

Duncan and Watkins so inspired Wright she asked if she could take their pictures and share what they had done on Facebook. Her post has been liked and shared thousands of times.

“It’s honestly crazy to me,” said Duncan.

Duncan has been trying to respond to the many positive remarks and said he just wants people to pass it on.

“I’m really, really blessed. I can’t take credit for it; God did it. I am really grateful,” said Duncan.

But what Watkins, Wright, and her all Facebook friends don’t know is Duncan is currently out of work. He said he recently moved back to Tipton County from Delaware to help out his family.

Job or not, he said he felt like helping some folks that day.

“I mean because it will come back. It will always come back, and if I don’t, then I don’t really need it,” Duncan said.

Duncan said he gave the cashier $80 bucks and told her to keep the change.

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