Young kids caught on camera breaking into cars in Donelson neighborhood


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Young kids caught on camera in a Donelson neighborhood checking car doors and police day they got away with 2 guns, a laptop, and a car.

Numerous surveillance cameras caught the thieves on camera along with a getaway car on Cain Harbor Drive.

“He’s a very, very young person,” Robert Vaughn told News 2.

When he and other neighbors checked their surveillance cameras on Sunday morning they were shocked.

“He looks like he is in middle school which is really scary,” stated Michelle Sinkovitz.

In the video you can see the boy, whose face we have chosen to blur, has a distinct haircut and is wearing a white t-shirt.

In some videos he is seen checking car doors with a female as a small, possibly maroon SUV follows along.

While police believe the suspects are kids, neighbors worry that the female is leading the charge in the crime.

“The woman in that photo looks like the child’s mother and even in the picture I saw it’s almost as if she is being a mother to him trying to tell him how things need to be done,” explained Sinkovitz

The thieves struck out on Sinkovitz and Vaughn’s cars, as they were locked but police say the thieves did get away with two guns from two different vehicles.

“People who shouldn’t have guns, that’s how they get guns,” said Sinkovitz.

Neighbors tell News 2 this isn’t the first time, the same neighbor has had a gun stolen from an unlocked car.

“It is the second time in maybe a year that he has had a gun stolen,” said Vaughn.

Now they are concerned about where the stolen guns may show up next.

“When you put guns in the hands of children because you are being an irresponsible gun owner…I’m all about people’s 2nd amendment rights, but they shouldn’t be allowed to have guns if they are going to leave them in an unlocked vehicle,” said Sinkovitz.

Police point out that the thieves were only looking for easy targets, unlocked vehicles.

They say the stolen car had a spare key inside and that they are still looking for the 2015 silver Nissan Titan.

While the suspects were caught on several cameras, there is a neighborhood watch group in the area that worked together to alert neighbors.

“It’s kind of a close community here. We have a Facebook group, we share these things on Facebook you know,” Vaughn explained.

The neighborhood watch group also has a mobile text alert system, so within about 5 minutes more than 240 households had received notifications of the crimes on their phone.

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