You can experience Apollo 13 mission in real time


In this April 11, 1970 photo made available by NASA, the Saturn V rocket carrying the crew of the Apollo 13 mission to the moon launches from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (NASA via AP)

(CNN) — Saturday marks 50-years since the launch of the Apollo 13 mission.

On April 11, 1970… Jim Lovell, John Swigert Junior and Fred Haise Junior were launched into space for a lunar landing.

The mission is dubbed the successful failure of Apollo 13 because while en route to the moon, an oxygen tank ruptured.

The lunar landing never happened.

NASA spent days trying to bring the crew home safely and they did on April 17th.

You can now relive the Apollo 13 mission in real time on Saturday.

Click here at 2:13 p-m eastern time to watch the beginning of the launch as it happened in 1970.

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