Year after Elizabeth Thomas’ father files lawsuit against school board, trial date set

Maury County Schools

A judge has set a preliminary trial in the federal case involving Elizabeth Thomas’ father and the Maury County Board of Education.  

The trial is now set for July 14, 2020. In the lawsuit filed in early 2018, the teen’s father, Anthony, claimed a Maury County public school failed its obligation to protect students from a predator.  

The lawsuit went on to say the school “allowed conditions to exist which enabled a teacher to develop a controlling, manipulative relationship with a vulnerable and impressionable fifteen-year-old student.” 

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Anthony Thomas also claims the school violated its educational amendments as well as his daughter’s constitutional rights. 

Elizabeth was just 15-years-old when she was kidnapped by her former teacher Tad Cummins. The teen was ultimately rescued in a small cabin in rural California after more than a month. Cummins was taken into custody and has since pleaded guilty to taking her across state lines with the purpose of having sex.  

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Elizabeth previously told ABC News before being kidnapped by Cummins he had made inappropriate comments toward her.  

“It was fourth period or fourth block. I can’t remember the conversation, but he said, ‘You’d look pretty nice naked.’”  

At the time, she said it was just the two of them in the classroom together.   

Cummins has remained jailed since his arrest in April 2017. 

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