NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Quick thinking and years of training may be what saved the life of an ATF agent.

When rapid gunfire rang out in the parking lot of Country Cafe, agents and civilians ran and ducked for cover. The intense scene caused many to panic, but then there were a few agents who remained calm and sprung into action in an effort to save one of their own.

“Most importantly you’re thinking, what’s the call, how can I get to them,” said Chris Davis.

Davis currently serves as Sheriff for Humphrey’s County, but before that, he served as a drug agent. He remembers drug operations well, spending his days bringing in dealers. He said when law enforcement officers hear that a fellow officer is down, or has been hurt, that’s when all hands are on deck.

“This is probably a worst-case scenario, that any officer can be in, much less a drug officer. There are levels of clearance and things that have to be done before we as officers or drug agents, just go jump in a car and go execute a search warrant,” explained Davis after watching the surveillance video from the shootout.

In a span of fewer than two minutes, 30 to 40 rounds were fired. It’s a moment no one can fully brace for.

Quick thinking from other agents and the wounded ATF agent goes from behind a silver van to a nearby SUV where the agent was then taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“We’ve got an ATF agent shot. He’s on his way to Vanderbilt, can you go ahead alert E.R. I don’t know the condition code, it’s approximately a 30-year-old male,” said over dispatch.

“Some of their training kicked in, meaning they knew the area they were in,” said Davis. “A lot of times in briefings we go over things like that. If somebody’s hurt, where’s the closet hospital? Do we have an ambulance on standby?”

Outside of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the same vehicle the agent was taken in was seen at the hospital, as law enforcement waited throughout the night for good news.

“You’re there, you’re showing support for your comrade. You’re showing your support for your teammate,” said Davis.

As of Wednesday night, no update had been given on the wounded ATF agent’s condition, nor their identity.