Women allege masseuse sexually assaulted them


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Tuesday, Metro Nashville Police Department arrested 33-year old Tarek Mentouri for felony impersonation of a licensed professional.

According to police, Mentouri had continued to operate his masseuse business after his license was revoked in August of 2020 following sexual misconduct allegations.

After his arrest, several woman told News 2 they had warned police before his arrest.

“I felt the table shaking and I thought that was odd and I got up and he was not there and then I looked down and he was on the floor in front of the massage table with no shirt on,” said Kelly Cochrane.

In 2018, Cochrane had contacted police claiming Mentouri had sexually assaulted her. She claims he had inappropriately touched her while also touching himself during a scheduled message.

According to the Tennessee State Health Department, in August 2020, Mentouri’s license was revoked after the department found him guilty of “sexual conduct, sexual activity, or sexualizing behavior.” The document goes on to say Mentouri had failed to properly “drape clients to ensure the comfort and safety of the therapist and the client.”

Cochrane told police afterward, Mentouri had sent her several emails claiming to know where she lived and would reach out “under fake Facebook profiles” in order to “phish for information.”

She isn’t the only one to tell News 2 Mentouri had acted inappropriately.

One woman, Julia, asked us not to reveal her last name or where she lives out of fear of retaliation from Mentouri.

“I knew that he was being inappropriate with my feet,” said Julia. “I knew he was pleasuring himself.”

Julia claims she had found the businesses online and looked up a few reviews. Living in Clarksville at the time of the alleged incident, she says she arrived at a home. Julia goes on to say once inside, red flags immediately started going off in her mind.

Now both women tell us they were happy to see him arrested, but fear more accusations could be on the way.

“I know he will continue doing what he’s currently doing, but it absolutely terrifies me that he’s going to progress into something worse,” said Julia.

Montouri was given a $2,500 bond on Tuesday, and has since been released.

“Just to know that it could become so much worse if he’s allowed to stay out,” explained Cochrane. “I think he’s going to continue to do whatever he can to get women into his house, so he can assault them.”

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As of Wednesday, Mentouri has not been charged for any of the sexual allegations. However, both Julia and Cochrane are hopeful more charges will come.

The Metro Nashville Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office says this is an ongoing investigation.

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