Women 2 Watch: Metro police officer Cecilia Gomez


Metro-Nashville police officer Cecilia Gomez has been on the force for three years.   

Originally from Argentina, she brings a valuable skill set to the department – she’s bilingual.   

When Gomez first moved to Nashville, prior to becoming an officer, her church asked her to volunteer with victims of human trafficking. Many of the victims were Latino, and Gomez was able to serve as a translator.  

“I was helping vice officers and FBI agents in trafficking cases, and it was just so bizarre to me that they didn’t have any female, bilingual officers to help them or to be in that division,” Officer Gomez said.   

It was through that experience that she committed her life to fighting human trafficking.  For Gomez, that meant joining the law enforcement community.  

“The day I became a citizen was the day I applied for the police department,” she said.  “A lot of people don’t talk about trafficking, and it’s modern day slavery. The things that these people go through every day is just so inhuman, and it’s just terrible to see and to hear. I felt like I just couldn’t turn my head the other way and be like ‘not my problem’ and keep going.”  

Officer Gomez is currently based with the Madison Precinct.  

After she finishes this assignment, she will move into the division that is focused on fighting human trafficking. In the meantime, she frequently puts her bilingual skills to work while out helping Nashvillians.  

“It’s a relief for them to be able to tell someone what’s going on in their own language,” she said. 

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