Woman warns of jury duty scammer posing as Davidson Co. Sheriff’s deputy


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A new scammer may be calling you with an old trick. A Nashville woman says a man claiming to be a Davidson County Sheriff’s deputy told her she owed money for missing jury duty.

“It was scary, how he knew my first and last name,” Courtney Krieg told News 2, “Does he have my address? You know, Is he waiting for me to leave my house?”

Krieg found herself sitting in fear outside the Davidson County Sheriff’s office on September 5th. She had driven there after receiving a phone call from the man claiming to be a deputy.

“He was like ‘Hey my name is Lieutenant so and so, and I’m with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department, we have documentation that you didn’t show up to jury duty,'” Krieg said.

She told him she never received a summons. He asked if she’d recently moved, and she had. The man advised her to come sign some papers to have fees dismissed. Krieg went online and found the name he used really was a deputy.

“I called him back to let him know that I was on my way and he was like, ‘Well don’t get off the phone with me,'” she said.

He then explained how she could get out of paying her two $800 dollar fines.

He said, “‘You’re gonna come in, we’re gonna scan your bags, and then there’s gonna be a kiosk to your right, you’re going to take out that $1600 dollars and then you’re going to give it to me and we’ll write a cashier’s check and we’ll get that right back to you,'” Krieg told News 2, “I was like, ‘$1600 dollars is a lot of money, no just not gonna happen, and he was like ‘Well can you pay half?'”

Krieg told the man she would call him back and he threatened to arrest her if she hung up. By then, she was in the parking lot where he had told her to park.
She looked up and noticed a man in a red shirt pacing back and forth.

“I called my dad… and he was like ‘No,’ he was like, ‘Absolutely get out of there, I don’t know what they’re trying to do, just get out,'” she said.

And that’s exactly what she did, but as someone who would never disobey law enforcement, she wants to warn others of what happened.

“I don’t know if he had any other intentions, but you just never know, so I wanted to get the word out there,” Krieg said.

She said the man kept calling her, so she blocked his number and filed a police report.

Metro police tell me it is still an open investigation.

The sheriff’s office will never call and ask for money. If you receive a call like this, hang up and report the number.

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