MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – It was a case a rocked the Middle Tennessee State University campus and Rutherford County community.

A young college student on scholarship who had everything going for herself was convicted of the brutal stabbing death of her roommate.

Shanterrica Madden was sentenced to 25 years plus four additional ones for killing MTSU basketball player Tina Stewart in 2011.

After exhausting all her appeals in state court and the Tennessee Supreme Court, Madden is hoping to get a new trial.

She has filed a motion for post-conviction relief, her last ditch effort of getting out of prison before serving her sentence.

“This petition will be her absolutely last resort in state court,” said Wesley Clark, her attorney.

Madden is alleging there was insufficient evidence for a second-degree murder conviction. She claims she was denied due process and impartial treatment and ineffective counsel.

Attorney Joe Brandon represented Madden during her trial and the appeals process. He has since died.

“Mr. Brandon negligently failed to properly inform Ms. Madden of this deadline and she was misled effectively. That’s the explanation that the petition was filed at the time it was,” her new attorney told News 2.

But state prosecutors have filed a motion of their own asking the judge to deny Madden’s motion for a new trial.

“The state is going to maintain that the one-year statute of limitation has already expired and that her petition wasn’t filed in time,” said J. Paul Newsman, a deputy with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office.

Madden is currently being housed in the Rutherford County jail; she was transported there from a prison in West Tennessee a several weeks ago.

Her attorney says she is coping to life behind bars.

“She has a very supportive family. She is very loved and she is persevering,” Clark explained.

The state says even a simple hearing like this can open old wounds for the Stewart family.

“It always reopens the memories. Hopefully this will be the last court appearance we have in this case,” Deputy Newsman added.

Judge Royce Taylor is set to hear the motion Monday at 9 a.m. If he denies the state’s motion, a court date will be set to hear Madden’s motion for a new trial.