Woman shares violent robbery account outside Madison Kroger


MADISON, Tenn. (WKRN) — A woman violently robbed outside of Kroger in Madison is sharing her frightening account as a warning to others.

Ann Davis tells News 2 she intentionally parked under that light pole and near the pharmacy, assuming that was a safe spot to park. When she was loading her groceries she was attacked, she says.

“It was scary, I didn’t even hear him come up behind me, it was that quick,” Davis explains.

She says the man demanded her purse and threatened to shoot her.

“He pushed me in my car and told me if I didn’t give it to him he was going to shoot me,” David says. “I didn’t feel any kind of gun so I just held on for dear life and started screaming for somebody to help me. He had my legs pinned where I couldn’t kick him at all and then he grabbed a hold of my waist and pulled me out of the car and slammed me to the ground and when he slammed me to the ground, I lost control of having my bag, and he ran for the car that was sitting there waiting for him.”

She says the getaway car was a gunmetal grey 2015 Toyota Corolla or Camry with temporary tags.

Davis, who typically carries a gun and a knife, is now looking to take self-defense classes while warning others. She first posted on the Madison Tennessee Neighborhood Watch Facebook page, where she was able to post a description of the suspect.

“Every time something happens or I hear something happens I’m always checking that page to see what’s going on with it, or if I’ve had to call police before, I’ll check it, put stuff on there. My son has put stuff on there. It’s been pretty helpful,” she explained.

She says the crime has gotten so bad in the Madison area that she is considering moving.

Two juvenile escapees were caught in Madison Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning police investigated a murder, just a block away from where Davis was robbed.

Members of the Neighborhood Watch Facebook page want to help cut down on crime.

“We have a person, Sandra that monitors the scanner. That information goes immediately to those watch pages. If it is in Madison, Tennessee or it’s in Inglewood or East Nashville, it goes on those pages. Then we work with police to help catch and identify these people, we work with the media and with all three of us working together this is how we get the crime down and help get these criminals arrested and off the street before they do another crime,” says Von Moye, who is a moderator on several of the neighborhood watch pages.

He says there are 4,000 members on the Madison page, but he is encouraging others to sign up.

Moye says neighbors need to look out for each other and that will help improve safety in the area.

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