Woman says Uber driver filed false ‘clean up’ charges


A woman thought she had an ordinary trip with a ride-share service until she got the bill. 

Last Sunday, Kimberly Knoller woke up to find an Uber $80 dollar charge from Uber. That charge came with a claim that she had left a “mess” for her driver to clean. Her $20 trip then totaled to almost $100. 

The Uber claim also alleged that Knoller had been drinking alcohol during the trip. 

“The joke of all of it is that I actually don’t drink, so that’s the irony of all of it. There were four of us total, all professional executives. It was very calm. Nobody drank in the car. I actually have the receipts showing no alcohol was purchased.” 

Knoller’s friend, Jeff Slaughter, was also there that night, 

“No one in our party had any alcohol so it’s not about the money, it’s about the principal of it.” 

Uber tells News 2 that if a rider sees incorrect charges, they should report it. 

Knoller said she’s tried for almost a week to get a refund 

“I’ve emailed, I’ve called, I’ve sent numerous things via the app.” 

In a response from Uber to Knoller, the ride-share service says that they recognize, “there are two sides to every story.”  The response also reminded Knoller that she could “address this issue legally.” 

Knoller said she wants to warn others, 

“Had Uber done one simple thing..’ I apologize that you’ve had this experience. we will reverse the charges.’ that’s all they had to say.” 

Uber told News 2 they are going to take a closer look at Knoller’s case. 

The company said that drivers have to send a picture of any messes that may occur, they add that most charges are legitimate.

Knoller said she won’t be using uber anymore. 

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