Woman recalls being robbed, carjacked in Walgreens parking lot


Janis Gaudette was shocked and angry after she was robbed at gunpoint in a Walgreens parking lot Tuesday morning.  

“I was mad,” Gaudette said. “I mean I was mad.” 

“It’s kind of surreal,” she said. “Like, did that really happen to me?” 

Just after 11 a.m., Gaudette parked her SUV and was going to pick up her prescriptions. 

“I walked and then there was just somebody suddenly there,” she said.  

The suspect, who she described as a young man in his late teens or early 20s, stood in her way.  

“He said ‘don’t say a word, don’t run, don’t scream, don’t make a scene,'” Gaudette said.  

She froze, not knowing what to think.  

“Then he pulled out his gun,” she said.  

Gaudette says the suspect demanded her purse and car keys. She said no.  

“I said ‘why are you doing this’ cause it makes me so sad that he was such a young man and he didn’t answer except to say ‘give me your purse,'” Gaudette said.  

She handed everything over but still had her phone and was able to take a few pictures as the suspect drove off.  

“I was shaking so hard, it was hard for me to punch in to get to my pictures,” she said.  

Police used GPS to track down her SUV which was left abandoned in an alley.  

The suspect still hasn’t been caught which is why Gaudette is urging others to pay attention.  

“Be alert,” she said. “Be aware of your surroundings.” 

She also says you should write down any important information that could help police if you’re ever carjacked.  

“I didn’t know my tag number for my car, so know your tag number,” she said.  

“Make it easier for the police to find your car.” 

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