SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — Few occupations are as unpredictable as a police officer’s job. That was the case Sunday in Spring Hill after officers were called to a fast-food restaurant on a welfare check and ended up 40 miles away near the Alabama state line.

It all went down around 10:35 pm at the Spring Hill Taco Bell.

Bodycam video shows officers arriving and interacting with 62-year-old Susan Benson, who workers say was asleep in her car for about an hour in the parking lot.

Susan Benson Mugshot

Officer: “You’ve been asleep in the car for over an hour.”

Benson: “No, I have not.”

Officer: “Well, that’s what all the employees are saying.”

Officers tried to talk to Benson, but she was anxious to leave and continue delivering food orders.

Benson: “I gotta go. I have to get this thing there. I have to go.”

Officer: “Do you have an ID on you?”

Benson: “No no no… I gotta go.”

Things quickly escalated as the officers attempted to get Benson to step out of her car, and the 62-year-old Nashville woman began backing up, disobeying orders.

Benson: “No I have to go.”

Officer: “Ma’am you need to stay.”

Benson: “I got to go. I have to deliver.”

Officer: “So, you are going to hit me with your car.”

Benson: “I’ve got to deliver this.”

Officer: “You are not delivering anything.”

Benson: “Yes, I am. I do it forever always.”

Officer: “Okay, she is intoxicated.”

Benson backed up and attempted to move out of the parking lot as another squad car attempted to block her in.

At this point, officers went to her driver’s door and attempted to pull her out, but the driver accelerated and escaped out of the parking lot.

Dashcam video showed Benson driving through Spring Hill neighborhoods, running stop signs and driving on both sides of the highway.

The chase ended up on I-65 south, where officers say speeds went from 80 mph to 12 mph.

“It’s not normal driving behavior,” said Lt. Mike Foster. “It’s a pretty good indicator that she is under the influence of something.”

After an hour and close to 40 miles away — about 13 miles from the Alabama border — the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Maury County joined in on the chase. On dashcam video, a trucker can be seen attempting to help stop Benson as THP cruisers closed in.

With Benson stopped, officers then made a felony takedown.

While one officer tried to break out a window, other officers made it to the driver’s side and pulled the woman onto the interstate.

Music inside Benson’s car was blaring as she can be heard hollering, “Jesus, help me.”

After some tense moments, Benson was cuffed but still seemed confused.

Benson: “Wait a minute, don’t be happy. Don’t be mean.”

Officer: “Did you not notice all the blue lights behind you?”

Benson: “But the point is, let me tell you something. My DoorDash had me go get food at this one place. I was staying there, and then they came and they started yelling at me and hating me and what, this is what I do. I didn’t do anything.”

Later in the stop, Benson was still concerned about her car and the order, telling officers she could drive the car to a rest stop and park there.

Benson: “Where’s my car?”

Officer “It’s over there.”

Benson: “I can drive it to a place.”

Officer: “It’s parked right now. No, ma’am.”

Benson: “I have my stuff there. I gotta get my stuff. So, I want to drive it to a restaurant, I mean. What am I trying to say.”

“You never know what you are going to get when you come on shift,” Lt. Foster said. “Something as simple as checking on someone in the parking lot, we didn’t think it would turn into a multi-county pursuit almost all the way to Alabama.”

Foster told News 2, a search warrant was taken for Benson’s blood. The results have not been made public.

No officers suffered any injuries in the chase.

Benson is being held in the Williamson County jail under $204,500 bond.

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She is facing the following charges:

  • Aggravated assault (x2)
  • DUI
  • Evading arrest
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Failure to maintain a lane

Benson has no arrest record in Williamson County, Maury County or Nashville.