Woman finds python hiding in her shoe after trip to Australia

Python shoe_1551112212591.jpg_74788452_ver1.0_640_360_1551141649905.jpg.jpg

A Scottish woman traveling home from Australia brought home an unwanted guest Friday when she found a python hiding inside one of her shoes in her luggage according to NBC News.

The snake somehow made into Moira Boxall’s luggage and onto the plane completely undetected. 

The woman’s son-in-law told ABC Australia that she had thought she saw a snake in her room but could not find the slithery creature. It wasn’t until Boxall returned home to Scotland and was unpacking her things when she saw the python.

Thankfully, the snake that slithered into Boxall’s shoe was a spotted python and isn’t poisonous and according to ABC Australia has been quarantined and expected to be taken to a zoo in Glasgow.

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