A fire heavily damaged a Brentwood home early Thursday morning and an alarm company called the homeowner to alert her to the blaze.

A woman escaped a fire at her Brentwood home thank to a security company who called her to alert her to the danger.  

The fire began around 2 a.m. at a home on Foutainhead Drive. 

The woman was woken to a call from her security system before she smelled smoke and was able to escape from the home with her dog.  

“The alarm went off for a minute or so and then I got a phone call from the alarm company, at the same time I was looking at the monitor of the cameras, I could see the smoke on one of the cameras, the guy said it was a smoke alarm, and I said ‘yeah I see smoke on one of the monitors.’ He asked, ‘do you want me to send the fire department?’ I said yeah, I think that would be a good idea,” said homeowner Mary Parker. 

No one was injured.  

Fire officials believe the cause of the fire was “accidental and electrical in nature due to wiring in the attic that arced due to resistance heating. This was caused when a portion of the wire had been caught between a rafter and the attic subfloor.”

Damage to the home is estimated at approximately $100,000.