Woman claims GM picketers attacked her car, restraining order granted by judge


SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – GM workers lined the road to the Spring Hill plant Monday, stretching into day 8 with no signs of stopping.

“We’re here for the long haul,” Danny Bragg, Committee Person with United Auto Workers. “That’s not the issue. Whatever it takes to get this done.”

The crowd on Monday, stuck to sidewalks and the side of the road, following an alleged encounter with Heather Langley on Friday.

“I took the wrong turn apparently,” she explained. “I see a bunch of cars parked down – and a bunch of people holding signs.”

The group was blocking the road. Important to note, just two days prior, eight picketers were arrested for doing that very thing.

Friday afternoon though, the situation escalated.

“I videoed a man stepping out in front of my car who stopped me,” said Heather. “I called 911 – they heard that going on through the Bluetooth speaker in my car, start taunting me for calling the police.”

Heather says the situation soon turned violent.

“A man hits my windshield, right in front of where I am,” she said. “[Another man] took his strike sign and did that, which sent glass flying in my car.”

Heather says she isn’t for or against the strike, and she doesn’t even live in Tennessee.

She was simply visiting from Alabama, and her teenage daughter with cerebral palsy was terrified in the backseat.

“It was scary enough to have glass fly in my face,” said Heather. “But then to hear my kid in the back seat screaming, how much more scared can you get?”

GM filed a restraining order against the strikers this weekend, citing Heather’s case, and other incidents. They also allege screws and nails have been placed in the roadway.

A Maury County judge granted the order Sunday, blocking picketers from blocking, stopping, assaulting, or intimidating drivers.

Heather says she’s now stranded in Tennessee, wondering what’s next.

“I’ve retained an attorney, and we’re trying to figure out what to do next,” she added.

A local United Auto Workers Chairman posted a statement on Facebook, explaining to picketers they can continue peacefully protesting without stopping vehicles.

Nobody from UAW though, would comment on the confrontation with Heather Langley.

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