WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — An 18-year-old woman was charged last week with making an anonymous threat on social media against Green Hill High School.

The District Attorney General for Wilson County reported Mary Lawrence was arrested Wednesday, Nov. 17 in connection with a post made on YikYak on Thursday, Nov. 11, indicating the school would be the site of a school shooting the next day.

Mary Lawrence
Mary Lawrence (Courtesy: Wilson County Sheriff’s Office)

As a result of the threat, the absentee rate at Green Hill High School more than tripled that Friday, according to Jason Lawson, District Attorney. “We take all of these threats seriously, and have a zero tolerance policy,” explained Lawson.

An increased police presence at the school was provided to the school. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department, the Mt. Juliet Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office were brought in to investigate the case.

“People are wrong in their belief that when they post anonymously that law enforcement cannot determine who made the post. While the post may be anonymous to the others on the site, law enforcement has the mechanisms to determine who made the post, and we will utilize those mechanisms and charge the person responsible,” said Lawson.

In a release, Lawson expressed appreciation for the law enforcement agencies involved. “I am really impressed by the level of cooperation between the local, state, and federal government in this investigation, and with the speed in which the investigation was conducted. It is important that people see that they will be held accountable for actions such as these.”