Woman charged $700 after debt relief offer, BBB says its likely a scam

Scam leaves Tennessee elderly woman's bank account empty

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Donna Robertson says she got a call last Thursday from a company making an offer to lower her debt that she couldn’t refuse.

“Congratulations, you qualify for a zero balance charge account,” was what Robertson was told during the call.

A company named Card Member Services offered to lower her monthly credit card payments.

“They were going to take the lump sum and put it to another bank with zero percent interest,” Robertson was told.

She was told the fee was $595 and that the company would get take the payment by increasing her credit limit.

“Of course, I believed them,” she said.

Robertson gave the caller her social security number and debit card information.

She says she was told that they would call back the next day to get her authorization, but by then, it was too late.

“They took $700 out of my banking account,” she said.

It’s a huge loss for the 66-year-old who gets by on a monthly disability check.

“When you live on a fixed income, sometimes you just make it check to check,” Roberston said.

“I had heart palpitations all day,” she said. “I was pretty shook up.”

Robertson was able to stop the payment.

The Better Business Bureau says what happened to her was likely a scam.

The BBB says Card Member Services has 27 other complaints against them for the same thing.

Metro police are investigating the case which Robertson admits could’ve been prevented.

“I do take responsibility for giving too much information,” she said.

Although embarrassed, Robertson says she wants to keep others from falling for it.

“I just don’t want other people to go through it, that’s all,” she said.

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