It’s the 6th time the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at Western Kentucky University is riding across the country raising awareness for Alzheimer’s.

It’s called the “BIKE4ALZ” campaign and was started back in 2010 after the grandfather of one of the fraternity members passed away from the disease.

Since that time the Figi fraternity at WKU has raised over $250,000 dollars with 6 cross country rides.

JAKE EDMUNDS, WKU Junior: “being able to ride for these people that dedicate days to us so we on our website you can dedicate a day and we read those off everyday people leave little excerpts to memories of loved ones who are battling Alzheimer’s or have lost there battle so this keeps us going and that’s an amazing opportunity to be able to bike for them.” 

GRIFFIN BECKNER, WKU Sophomore: “just getting to be able to do this for people who are going through so many things we could like not even begin to imagine it basically keeps up pedaling every single day.”

For more information on how you can be a part of or help the cause go to