Witness recalls hearing shots that killed West Nashville man, neighbors terrified

Kyle Yorlets murder

Witnesses recall hearing gunshots as 24-year-old Kyle Yorlets was gunned down outside of home Thursday night.  

Construction worker Jeremy King was sitting in his truck on his lunch break when he heard gunshots. He says he didn’t hear any screaming, but he heard two shots and saw what he thought was an adult running behind the home.  

“I thought it was a grown up wearing a black hoodie. He ran behind the house and then it was like two or three minutes and I heard two shots,” said King. “It was loud, like a 10 or 12-second delay between shots. They waited like 10 or 12 seconds. That tells me they wanted to finish the guy off its really crazy it was kids doing this.” 

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The murder has neighbors in the area terrified.  

“We may renew our lease this summer or not. It doesn’t make us want to stay in this neighborhood,” said the neighbor, who did not want to be identified.  

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When the neighbor found out the age of the suspects, they said: “I mean it’s a shame. I know kids at that age. I wonder if their parents even know where they were.”  

The five juveniles have all been charged with criminal homicide. 

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